The 10 Best Male Masterbator

Male Masterbator aren't the degenerate looking silicone blocks they used to be. Engineers and inventors around the world have spent hundreds of hours designing, building and (presumably) testing the sex toys that will shape the way we choose to be in the years to come, and their efforts have not been in vain.

The male sex toys of 2020 are a far cry from the plastic inflatable sex dolls you see at classic bachelor parties in coastal cities, with their minimalist designs, muted tones and smart sex technology. They're discrete and sleek, with packaging to match.

Sex is great, we know that. Regular bedroom sessions do your body a lot of good, just like exercise - cutting stress levels, boosting your immune system, ensuring a decent night's shut-eye, and adding years to your life - whether you're on a solo mission or in a pair. But when you bring male sex toys into the equation, magic happens.

Think of it as an iceberg. Sex and masturbation are just the tip of the iceberg. Go a little deeper and there's a whole world of sensations waiting to be discovered, and that's anatomically challenging. Can you masturbate without using your hands? Maybe you can, but it's not easy. Does your prostate vibrate? It shouldn't. Consider having it checked out by a medical professional.

Below we've selected 10 of the best male sex toys to "add to your cart", from hands-free masturbators to dual-function prostate massagers and everything in between.
Lovehoney O Force Hands-Free Masturbator
Give your wrists a break with this powerful hands-free masturbator from Lovehoney. Seriously, this thing is nuts. A shallow slot stimulates the head of your penis, and you can choose from five high pressure intensities that will knock your socks off. Speaking of which, it's waterproof, so you probably won't be wearing any clothes.
Secret Mimic Black OS
Mimic is not bound by rules or instructions. It is designed to be gender neutral and does not dictate where or how you choose to use it. The ergonomic shape is designed to fit your hand perfectly, but the rest is up to you. Hold it in your palm while you masturbate, or hold it against your perineum and the vibrations will indirectly stimulate your prostate.
The End of Days Egg
As far as the male sex toys on this list go, this stretchy sleeve won't blow your mind. Soft and silky, it errs on the subtle side of pleasure - promoting delicious sensory changes rather than galaxy-hopping orgasms. It's single-use, so handle it responsibly. We don't want to see turtles strangled by the remnants of asparagus eggs in the news six months from now.
We-Vibe Vector
The Vector is a prostate stimulator on steroids. It has dual motors that apply gentle pressure and synchronized strong vibrations to the prostate part and the perineum part. The former moves, so you can target your prostate with unprecedented precision. Plus, it comes with an app that allows you to control it from anywhere in the world and enjoy intercontinental orgasms.
Fleshlight Quickshot
For those familiar with Fleshlight, a household name in the sex toy game, the Quickshot is a smaller, stand-alone successor to their eponymous masturbation sleeve. This open-ended variation may not have the length or breadth of its predecessor, but it's strong, there's no doubt about that.
Aneros Progasm Prostate Massager
It may look like a sculpture from the Tate Modern, but there is no aspect of this nifty little prostate massager that is meant for display. While the bulbous "p-tab" massages the perineum, the Kundalini or "K-tab" applies pressure to known points under the tailbone, sending sensations up the spine.
Fun Factory Manta Vibrator
A very creative bit of equipment, this. The Manta is a male sex toy designed for couples, and while it's just as fun to use solo, it's a vibrating stroker unlike anything else out there. The velvety silicone head has ridges along the sides to keep the lube in place, while the double wings and slit are designed to be the strongest source of vibration.
Lovehoney Booty Buddy Vibrating Butt Plug
New to the butt stuff? This modest, soft silicone vibrating plug is designed for the backdoor newbie. It comes in two speeds and five modes for adventurers. Make sure you lubricate it with plenty of water-based lube before you experiment.
Je Joue Mio Cock Ring
Offering two toys for the price of one - pairing the ring's blood flow restriction with a multi-functional vibrator - this super-stretchy cock ring is a great first choice if you're new to toys in general. It's powerful without being bulky, and provides deep, penetrating vibrations. Ooh la la.

The Hot Octopus Pulse Solo Masturbator
There's a reason the Pulse Solo is getting rave reviews. Its vibrating plate features clever, patented technology with six powerful modes and eight intensities to bring your sex to orgasm. You don't even need an erection to use this ultra-powerful male masturbator, making it ideal for you.